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NCipher Takes Hardware Security To Network Level 

Charlene O'Hanlon 

9:35 AM EST Mon., Oct. 06, 2003 

NCipher Monday
unveiled a network-level version of its nShield Hardware Security Module, a
device that sits in front of a server and holds all of the cryptographic
information that would otherwise be housed in the server, said Richard
Moulds, vice president of marketing at nCipher. 

The device offers a
higher level of security protection, said Moulds. "All of the cryptography
that would have been on the server moves to our box, and an SSL connection
goes into the box separate from the server so even if a hacker broke into
the server, he couldn't get to the cryptography on the box," he said.

NetHSM, in contrast, sits on a network and offers multiple servers the
same level of cryptography protection that before was offered only to one
server per box. 

"Before, one HSM per server was a relatively expensive
proposition and, frankly, it was not the easiest thing to manage because of
the high level of security," Moulds said. "NetHSM is cheaper because
companies aren't buying one box per server anymore; it's easier to manage;
and it works with a virtually unlimited number of servers because it is
four times faster than the fastest HSM." 

NetHSM offers full FIPS 140-2
Level 3 validation. The nature of NetHSM makes it a good fit for companies
in need of extreme security, such as SSL and Web services, PKI and
certificate services, 3-D secure and online payment processing, XML and
document signing services and secure appliance solutions, according to the

Moulds hopes NetHSM will open the door to systems integrators
and consultants who previously had not considered entering the security
realm. "This is something they can get their heads around; it's a way to
add security without having to fool around with boxes," he said. 

available Monday, lists for $30,000, which includes one server connection.
Additional server connections are $5,000 each. That compares to the cost of
nShield HSM, which lists for $5,000 to $25,000 depending on functionality.

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