Re: Why is Freenet so sick at the moment? 
Subject : Re: Why is Freenet so sick at the moment? 
>From : Tracy R Reed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Date : Mon, 6 Oct 2003 00:29:41 -0700 
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On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 11:31:36PM -0700, Ian Clarke spake thusly: 
> Freenet is a research project, always has been.  If people find that its 

Wow, that's rather shocking. I'm totally serious. My impression was that 
it was trying to be a real anonymous publication system suitable for 
actual use in saying unpopular things. If this is all it is don't you have 
a moral obligation include a big disclaimer on the fproxy frontpage or in 
the installation notes or something? It seems it would be a good idea to 
advise all of the Chinese who we have been crowing about using Freenet 
that perhaps they should look elsewhere also because they are putting 
their freedom on the line. 

> your anonymity, I suggest you try Earth Station 5, its developers tell 
> us that its just *great*! 

Your sarcasm is duly noted. 

> I have never ever characterized Freenet as being anything other than in 
> development.  If you don't like the fact that Freenet is taking so-long 
> to perfect, then either help, or use Earth Station 5 - I hear its great. 

You never said anything to this effect when people started putting things 
in the network that could get them sent to prison so it was rather 

And now after finding that fred is unable to open /dev/random on my system 
due to what appears to be a bug (opening for write instead of read) I am 
now worried about the security of the encryption due to lack of entropy. 
I'm glad I don't use freenet for anything illegal/unpopular but I'm quite 
worried for those who do. 

Tracy Reed 


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