2) certificates were fundamentally designed to address a trust issue in offline environments where a modicum of static, stale data was better than nothing

How many years have you been saying this, now? :) How do those modern online environments achieve end-to-end content integrity and privacy? My guess is that they don't; their use of private value-add networks made it unnecessary. If my guess is/was correct, than as more valuable transactions (or regulated data) flow over the commodity Internet, then those things will become important. Make sense? Am I right?

If so, then I believe that we need a federated identity and management infrastructure. The difference is that the third-party PKI enrollment model still doesn't make sense, and organizations will take over their own identity issues, as with SAML and Liberty. Once you do that, adding "publicKey" as just another attribute is no big deal. With any luck, the new year will bring the analogy SOAP::other middleware as SAML::x.509 :)

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