On Jan 9, 2004, at 8:06 PM, Rich Salz wrote:

dave kleiman wrote:

Because the client has a Certificate Revocation Checking function turned on
in a particular app (i.e. IE or NAV).

I don't think you understood my question. Why is crl.verisign.com getting overloaded *now.* What does the expiration of one of their CA certificates have to do with it? Once you see that a cert has expired, there's no need whatsoever to go look at the CRL. The point of a CRL is to revoke certificates prior to their expiration.

Though I have no particular experience with the virus-scan software; we've seen exactly
this behavior with a couple of medical app's build onto the same libraries. Once any cert
in the bundle is expired the software -insists- on checking with the CRL at startup. And it will
hang if it cannot. When it gets the info back - It does not cache the (negative) information;
nor does that seem to trigger any clever automated roll-over. We tried tricking it with flags like
'superseded' and cessationOfOperation in the reasons/cert status mask - but no avail. The
only workaround we've found is to remove all expired certs from the system asap.

My guess it is just a bug in a library; albeit a commonly used one.


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