[ This is a reminder, prompted by the fact that two individuals dug
  into their wallets and made a small contribution each.  I've also
  heard from a few people who are talking with their management, so
  far without too much else happening.
  Through this, I want to make it clear that small contributions from
  individuals are just as welcome.  If you think about it, about 160
  people sending USD 100 each would cover the needs stated in this
  fundraising document.                   -- Richard Levitte ]

[ This is a short version of the full document.  The full document,
  which was just updated with a slight change in USD -> SEK currency
  exchange, is available at http://www.free.lp.se/OpenSSL-funding.html ]

         Levitte Programming: Fund raising for OpenSSL development

                              Richard Levitte
                            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    Revision $Id: OpenSSL-funding.html,v 1.6 2004/07/12 11:41:08 levitte
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   Hello OpenSSL users and developers,

   I'm Richard Levitte, an OpenSSL developer.

   I've been active in many parts of OpenSSL, most notably in portability
   issues, ENGINE, UI, CONF, memory allocation and a number of other
   parts I forget, as well as general tinkering when and where needed.

   This letter is about raising funds for me to work on parts of OpenSSL
   that I initiated or have plans to initiate, more or less full time for
   at least three months, and possibly more.

   This letter will be kept up to date at

So, what's the deal?

   The deal is that I currently find myself a little short on job
   assignments except for some short ones, and therefore, my planning
   book is more or less empty for the rest of 2004. I would like to be
   able to use this opportunity to make a larger contribution to OpenSSL
   with some tasks that are bigger than those one can complete on one's
   spare time within a reasonable time frame.

   The tasks I'm planning on are:
     * to complete the STORE library, including the implementation of a
       few STORE accessing ENGINE modules (File, LDAP and a special one
       for the nCipher HSM store come in mind, and more may be added),
       and have it replace the current X509_LOOKUP mechanism.
     * to implement certificate path building that can handle simple
       PKIs, hierarchical PKIs, mesh PKIs, hybrid PKIs, using the current
       PKIX draft (currently draft-ietf-pkix-certpathbuild-03.txt) as
       basic document.
     * [OPTIONAL, if time permits] to make configuration easier to
       program, and to work toward a unification of all platforms so the
       building system looks the same everywhere.

   This email is an appeal to the OpenSSL user community to try to raise
   money for three or more months of my time to be able to dedicate time
   to work on the tasks shown above. Anyone can contribute, private
   persons as well as companies and insititutions.

Richard Levitte   \ Tunnlandsvägen 52 \ [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  \ S-168 36  BROMMA  \ T: +46-708-26 53 44
                    \      SWEDEN       \
Procurator Odiosus Ex Infernis                -- [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Member of the OpenSSL development team: http://www.openssl.org/

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