Jerrold Leichter wrote:

How long before license plates have transponders built into them? After all,
it's long-established law that you can be required to place an identifier on
your car when it's on the public roads - why's there a difference between one
that responds at optical frequencies and one that responds at a couple of
gigahertz? (For that matter, even if you want to stick to optical and you
can't get plate reading accurate enough, the technology for reading bar codes
from moving vehicles is well-developed - it's been used for years to identify
railroad cars, and many gated communities use them to open the gates for cars
owned by residents.)

An infrared-reflective bar code would not be visible to the naked eye. That would probably slip past the proles for a good while before the word got out. And once the infrastructure is in place, it would be hard to dislodge.

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