At 10:46 AM 7/10/2004, Florian Weimer wrote:

But is it so harmful?  How much money is lost in a typical phishing
attack against a large US bank, or PayPal?  (I mean direct losses due
to partially rolled back transactions, not indirect losses because of
bad press or customer feeling insecure.)

I estimated phishing losses about a month ago at about a GigaBuck.

You'll also see two other numbers in that blog entry,
being $5 billion and $400 million (the latter taken
from Lynn's posted articles).

Of course these figures are very delicate, so we need
to wait a bit to get the real damage with any degree
of reliability.  Scientific skepticism should abound.

Notwithstanding that, I would suggest that the money
already lost is in excess of the amount paid out to
Certificate Authorities for secure ecommerce certificates
(somewhere around $100 million I guess) to date.  As
predicted, the CA-signed certificate missed the mark,
secure browsing is not secure, and the continued
resistance against revision of the browser's useless
padlock display is the barrier to addressing phishing.


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