On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Erwann ABALEA wrote:

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Trei, Peter wrote:

Seeing as it comes out of the TCG, this is almost certainly
the enabling hardware for Palladium/NGSCB. Its a part of
your computer which you may not have full control over.

Please stop relaying FUD. You have full control over your PC, even if this one is equiped with a TCPA chip. See the TCPA chip as a hardware security module integrated into your PC. An API exists to use it, and one if the functions of this API is 'take ownership', which has the effect of erasing it and regenerating new internal keys.


After TCPA systems are the only systems for sale at CompUSA, how long before this off switch is removed? All agree we live in a time of crisis; at any moment MICROSOFT/RIAA/MPAA/HOMSECPOL/CONGREGATIONOFMARTYRS may require of all of us an attestation of faith and obedience greater and more secure than present hardware can convincingly convey.


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