Seecure Science Corporation writes:
> Secure Science is offering a preview of one of the 3 ciphers they will 
> be publishing througout the year. [...] This cipher is [...]
> provably just as secure as AES-128.

Adam Shostack writes:
> Really?  How does one go about proving the security of a block cipher?

Lance James @ Secure Science Corporation writes:
> We will be proposing 2 hashes as well.

Well, that is completely non-responsive to the point Adam made.
You used the term "provably".  Where is your proof?

Did you understand the point Adam is making?  In this field, the term
"provably" means that there you have a mathematical proof.  Do you have
such a proof?  I'm awfully skeptical....

Will you retract the claim that SS2 is "provably just as secure as AES-128"?

As for your future hashes, will you be making similar claims?

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