> Another alternative is the cyphersaber type of thing, where you could just
> implement your crypto-code on the fly, as needed.

Yes, I could, and have. Presumably you could. Ben Laurie probably
could blindfolded with both hands tied behind his back. But Alice
Philanderer, Bob Pedophile, Charlie Terrorist, and Generic Joe User
can't. Your alternative is more practical than "if everybody would
xxx" (sorry, Ian) but still not good enough. If only techies are able
to protect themselves from the JBTs, then merely being a techie will
be grounds for suspicion. (As well as throwing our non-programming 
brethren to the wolves.)

The only realistic solutions are those which allow the concerned but
non-technical user to take measures to protect himself against the
perceived threat, without requiring major changes to human nature or
to society.

As it happens, I have really good test cases to refine my solutions:
my extended family is a bunch of mountain hicks with internet access.
They're not especially educated and certainly not technically adept,
and are concerned about the gummint grabbing their computers or
snooping their traffic. Once I've got an acceptable suite of tools and
a training package put together, I'll post it somewhere. (Don't hold
your collective breath; making a living takes most of my time.)


There are no bad teachers, only defective children.

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