Perry Metzger wrote:
> So, the next time one of your friends in Germany asks why the crazy
> Americans think ID cards and such are a bad thing, remember my
> father, and remember all the people like him who fled to the US over
> the last couple hundred years and who left children that still
> remember such things, whether from China or North Korea or Germany
> or Spain or Russia or Yugoslavia or Chile or lots of other places.

And one of those places is the US itself.  African-Americans have no
trouble envisioning scenarios in which mandatory IDs and universal
surveillance could be a problem.  Japanese-Americans don't have to
think very hard to remember that banking regulation can also be used
to "freeze" bank accounts, or that postal and census data can be used
by the Army to put a particular ethnic group in concentration camps.
Followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not
believe that vicious religious persecution in the US is an


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