Aram Perez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> While the SET protocol was complicated, it's failure had nothing to
> do with that fact or the lack of USB on PCs. You could buy libraries
> that implemented the protocol and the protocol did not require USB.
> IMO, the failure had to do with time-to-market factors. In the late
> 90s, when ecommerce was just at it's infancy and you took the risk of
> setting up a web store, were you going to wait you could integrate a
> SET toolkit into you web site and until your customers had SET
> wallets installed on their PCs before selling a product? Or were you
> going to sell to anyone who used a web browser that supported SSL? It
> was very simple economics, even if you had to pay VeriSign $400 for
> your SSL certificate and pay Visa/MasterCard a higher fee.

You are perfectly right on this. I oversimplified and distorted.

Still, I suspect that while the time was not right for SET back then,
the time may nearly be right for better things now.


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