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Perry E. Metzger wrote:

Anonymity is a concern to me, too, but I suspect that it is hard to
get anonymity in a credit card transaction using current means, even
if the merchant isn't online. Pseudonymity, perhaps.

Can we not aim higher than merely doing as badly as current systems do?

I think that by eliminating the need for a merchant to learn
information about your identity I have aimed higher. Given that we're
talking about credit instruments, however, it may be difficult to
eliminate the need for the issuer to track transactions. However,
given the way I've described the protocol, it would be possible to use
a variant on it for digital cash purses without the merchant being
impacted. It isn't clear to me, though, who would issue such things in
the current environment.

You never know who might do stuff if its easy for them to do so. Make it hard, and you can be more confident they won't.

But I'm glad to hear we're not in opposition on this.



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