Recently, Earthlink's webmail server certificate started showing up as expired. 
 (It obviously expired a long time ago; I suspect someone must have screwed up 
in changing keys over or something, because the problem wasn't happening up 
until recently.)  So, I contacted Earthlink's technical support, and I got this 
really encouraging reply....

Dear John Kelsey,

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand that you are having problems viewing Webmail and that it send out 
error on SSL certificate.

I suggest that you try lowering the security settings of your Internet Explorer.
Please follow the steps below on how to lower the security settings on your 

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. On the Task panel click on Internet Options.
3. Click on the Advance Tab.
4. Scroll down and uncheck [Warn about invalid site certificates].
5. Remember to click on Apply.
6. Click on OK.

You have successfully lower your Internet Explorer settings.

Should you have any other concerns, please get back to us. You will receive a 


Therese B. 3613
EarthLink Electronic Customer Support
EarthLink, Inc.
Case ID 69080634

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Original Message Follows:

*       Presented Article: 142454
*       Name: John Kelsey
*       Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
*       Account Type: EarthLink Experience
*       Issue: Spam/Internet Fraud Problem
*       Detailed Issue: Report an Issue
*       Article Title: Protecting Yourself Against Email/Internet Fraud
*       Message Body: The SSL certificate for is
expired. The certificate is fine, it's just
the certificate.

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