Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Nicholas Bohm:
>>>You know, I'd wonder how many people on this
>>>list use or have used online banking.  
>>>To start the ball rolling, I have not and won't.
>>I do.
>>My bank provides an RSA SecureId, so I feel reasonably safe against
>>anyone other than the bank.
> But it's just a token measure.  You should be afraid of your own
> computer, your own network.  SecureID does not authenticate the server
> you're going to send your data to.  It does not detect if your
> computer is compromised.
> Sure, right now, it might help you personally, but once these simple
> tokens gain market share, attackers will adjust.  It's not a general
> solution.

I accept all that.

I hope, not too confidently, that before the attackers adjust enough,
banks will start giving their customers FINREAD type
secure-signature-creation devices of decent provenance whose security
does not rely on non-compromise of my PC or network.

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