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> Hi,
> A colleague of mine is locked in a battle with a client about the use
> of
> NULL ciphers for OpenSSL. The client claims that he has/wants to
> allow NULL
> ciphers so that people in countries that ban the use of crypto can
> still use
> the website. My colleague wants to know if there is a list of such
> countries
> that he could use.

Well, I suppose you could always check Bert-Jaap Koops' crypto law
survery (http://rechten.uvt.nl/koops/cryptolaw/).

However, there are only two countries, to the best of my knowledge,
that outright ban cryptography: Russia and China. And even that's only
a de-facto ban since both only require individuals to obtain a license
to use cryptography in any way, shape or form. From what I have heard,
it's nearly impossible for your average Joe to actually be issued such
a license. (Your average Joe in those countries is most likely more
concerned with putting food on the table anyhow but that's besides the

Israel has a license requirement as well. But since personal use is
exempt and the law allows for general licensing of software products,
it's pretty much a non-issue these days.


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