From:                   Anne & Lynn Wheeler
> as part of various integrity issues related to that
> process, there has been a proposal, somewhat backed by
> the ssl domain name certification authority industry
> that domain name owners also register a public key 
> with the domain name infrastructure (in addition to
> identificaiton information). then future communcation
> can be digitally signed and verified with the onfile
> public key. also the ssl domain name certification
> authority industry can require that ssl domain name 
> certificate applications be digitally signed. then the
> certification authority can replace the expensive,
> time-consuming, and error-prone identification
> matching process with a much less-expensive and 
> efficient authentication process by doing a real-time
> retrieval of the on-file publickey from the domain
> name infrastructure for verifying the digital
> signature (in lieu of doing a real-time retrieval of
> the on-file identificaiton information for the
> expensive, time-consuming and error-prone
> identification matching).

Unfortunately most domain name registrars take a
completely irresponsible attitude to domain name theft,
despite the fact that domain name theft is a major
problem.   OpenSRS is good but their resellers a very
bad.  Unfortunately by default, one winds up having the
same password with OpenSRS as with the reseller. 

         James A. Donald

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