I was tearing up some old credit card receipts recently - after all
these years, enough vendors continue to print full CC numbers on
receipts that I'm hesitant to just toss them as is, though I doubt there
are many dumpster divers looking for this stuff any more - when I found
a great example of why you don't want people applying their "creativity"
to security problems, at least not without a great deal of review.

You see, most vendors these days replace all but the last 4 digits of
the CC number on a receipt with X's.  But it must be boring to do the
same as everyone else, so some bright person at one vendor(*) decided
they were going to do it differently:  They X'd out *just the last four
digits*.  After all, who could guess the number from the 10,000

                                                        -- Jerry

(*) It was Build-A-Bear.  The receipt was at least a year old, so for
all I know they've long since fixed this.

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