Anne & Lynn Wheeler wrote:
recent posts mentioning some skimming threats Meccano Trojans coming to
desktop near you

re: Creativity and security

Trial starts on swipe-and-go card; A new smartcard could result in shorter queues in the shops

the above has the quote:

"The card never leaves your hand," ... "In fact, it need not even be taken out of the wallet, and there is no chance information from the card can be skimmed, the most common form of card fraud."

... snip ...

while the earlier reference is to a situation where the crook is using their own device for extra swipes, a significant portion of skimming
involve compromised devices that harvest information

as part of a normal transaction. The real issue is whether "static data" is used for authentication and therefor the infrastructure is vulnerable to any kind of skimming/harvesting/evesdropping and replay attacks.

a few recent comments about static data exploits for replay attacks FraudWatch - Chip&Pin, a new tenner (USD10) FraudWatch - Chip&Pin, a new tenner (USD10) Caller ID "spoofing" Debit Cards HACKED now X.509 and ssh

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