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I believe I have the proof that factorization of N=p*q (p, q prime) is
polynomially reducible to discrete logarithm problem. Is it a known fact
or not? I searched for such proof, but only found that the two problems
are believed to be equivalent (i.e. no proof).

Take a look at this paper: http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=894497

Eric Bach  "Discrete Logarithms and Factoring"

ABSTRACT: "This note discusses the relationship between the two
problems of the title. We present probabilistic polynomial-time
reduction that show: 1) To factor n, it suffices to be able to compute
discrete logarithms modulo n. 2) To compute a discrete logarithm
modulo a prime power p^E, it suffices to know It mod p. 3) To compute
a discrete logarithm modulo any n, it suffices to be able to factor
and compute discrete logarithms modulo primes. To summarize: solving
the discrete logarithm problem for a composite modulus is exactly as
hard as factoring and solving it modulo primes."


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