On 9/10/06, James A. Donald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We transmit T(k)= {W(k)} + W(k-1)|{W(k-1)} where |
> means bitwise or, curly brace means encryption.
Should read:
We transmit T(k) = {W(k)} + ((~W(k-11){W(k-1)})
where ~ means bitwise negation, | means bitwise or,
curly brace means encryption.

Today wasn't a good day for typing? ;-)

T(k) = {W(k)} + (~W(k-1)|{W(k-1)})


I'm in agreement with the "don't use a screwdriver as a crowbar"
crowd; unless the combined modes came with clear proofs and
very weak assumptions.... computers are fast and getting faster,
and my performance needs remain relatively constant.
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