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Subject: Private Key Generation from Passwords/phrases

What do you think about this?

I think you need some serious help in learning the difference between 2^112 and 112, and that you really don't seem to have much grasp of the entire concept. 112 bits of entropy is 112 bits of entropy, not 76 bits of entropy, 27 bits of bull, 7 bits of cocaine, and a little bit of alcohol, and the 224 bits of ECC is approximate anyway, as you noted the time units are inconsistent. Basically just stop fiddling around trying to convince yourself you need less than you do, and locate 112 bits of apparent entropy, anything else and you're into the world of trying to prove equivalence between entropy and work which work in physics but doesn't work in computation because next year the work level will be different and you'll have to redo all your figures. Joe

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