Stefan Kelm wrote:
>> Same with digital timestamping.
> Here in Europe, e-invoicing very slowly seems to be
> becoming a (or should I say "the"?) long-awaited
> application for (qualified) electronic signatures.
> Since electronic invoices need to be archived in
> most countries some vendors apply time-stamps and
> recommend to re-apply time-stamps from time to time.

When I was in business in the UK (until last year) (as a VAT-registered
individual) I issued electronic invoices when convenient to my clients.

I found no general requirement for any signature, let alone a qualified
electronic one; I had a professional obligation to sign invoices, which
I met by the inclusion of a graphic of a handwritten signature.
Invoices were dated and copies kept, but there was no requirement for
time-stamping or any particular evidence of date of delivery.

I received and continue to receive electronic invoices from time to
time, but none appear to be digitally signed, nor have I seen evidence
of time-stamping in operation.

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