> Stefan is talking about Germany which has issued a plethora of
> recommendations, laws and what-not to "cause ecommerce to leap into
> life".  Unfortunately, they did not understand, and electronic documents
> are much much harder to do in these environments, with no general added
> benefit and lots of downside.

Moreoever, some other countries blindly copied what the Germans did,
thinking that would be a good idea. The Austrians made some of the
exact same mistakes but seem to have learned faster than the Germans.

> The German rules have defied, there is no easy way to get into them ...
> at least, the Germans have sworn to me it is impossible...

Sad but true. This year'll mark the 10th anniversary of our signature
law. I reckon nobody will be celebrating that event...

> Qualified certificates are defined in the European Digital Signature
> Directive, which is an over-arching design for all the EU countries to
> pass into local law.

Yes, this has already happened and has even been evaluated by the
European Commission in 2003:

> It's only under the German code where they try and define it all, as far
> as I can see.  We are talking about a country where they tried to tax
> servers so as to pay for their TV...

Yeah, bloody Germans...  :-)



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