| ...Apple is one vendor who I gather does include a TPM chip on their
| systems, I gather, but that wasn't useful for me.
Apple included TPM chips on their first round of Intel-based Macs.
Back in 2005, there were all sorts of stories floating around the net
about how Apple would use TPM to prevent OS X running on non-Apple

In fact:

        - Some Apple models contain a TPM module (the Infineon TPM1.2);
                some (second generation) don't;

        - No current Apple model contains an EFI (boot) driver for the

        - No current version of OS X contains a driver to access the
                module for any purpose;

        - Hence:  OS X doesn't rely on TPM to block execution on non-
                Apple hardware.  In fact, there is an active hacker's
                community that gets OS X to run on "hackintosh's" -
                an announcement of OS X on a Sony Vaio made the
                rounds just a couple of days ago.  Apparently the
                only real difficulty is writing appropriate boot
                and other low-level drivers.

Amit Singh, the author of the definitive reference on OS X internals,
has written and distributed an OS X driver for the TPM on those
machines that have it.  For all kinds of details, see his page at:


                                                        -- Jerry

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