> 2. E2E crypto on mobiles would require cross-vendor support, which would mean 
> that it
> would have to go into the standard.  Unfortunately, standards in the mobile 
> world are
> heavily influenced by governmnets, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse 
> (drug
> dealers, paedophiles, spies, and terrorists) are still being used by 
> government types
> to nix any attempts at crypto they can't break or intercept.

Handset suppliers are traditionally uncomfortable with licensing fees for 
non-core function.  This is why, for example, memory
card support has been needed for so long, but is a relatively recent 
phenomenon.  The suppliers didn't want to pay licensing
fees to the card standards bodies, despite the massively increased data storage 
needs which were coincident with the addition of
camera functionality to phones.

Crypto has been an IP minefield for some years.  With the expiry of certain 
patents, and the availability of other unencumbered
crypto primitives (eg. AES), we may see this change.  But John's other points 
are well made, and still valid.  Downloadable MP3
ring tones are a selling point.  E2E security isn't (although I've got to 
wonder about certain teenage demographics... :)

And don't forget, some of the biggest markets are still crypto-phobic.  Every 
time I enter China I have to tick a box on the
entry form indicating that I am not carrying any "communications security 
equipment".  When my GSM mobile roams onto China
Telecom, the "unlocked paddlock" logo appears denoting that even A5/2 isn't 
allowed.  Yet China has mandated full cellphone
coverage, even in rural areas, and for companies like Motorola and Nokia, it's 
a must-own marketplace.  Features which may worry
the often inconsistent and capricious State Encryption Management Committee 
(SEMC), who can block the entry of your product into
China, is going to be pruned from the product list pretty damn quickly.


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