On Jan 25, 2008, at 4:27 PM, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
However, you should be very skeptical when someone claims that they "need" to use a home grown crypto algorithm or that they "need" to use a home grown protocol instead of
a well proven one.

I'm beginning to suspect that more often than not, this nonsense is a result of market forces rather than idiot technologists. In my experience, senior decision-maker types outside of the computer industry (and even within it, but perhaps a tad less so) are sufficiently non-technical as to never have heard of Kerckhoffs' principle -- and to disbelieve it when they do, since it opposes their intuition of what makes for secure systems. Various companies (or departments) then emerge peddling their home-grown crypto and trumpeting the fact that it's proprietary as a feature, commonly going hand in hand with stupidly large key sizes.

Some number of these muppets approached me over the last couple of years offering to donate a free license for their excellent products. I used to be more polite about it, but nowadays I ask that they Google the famous Gutmann Sound Wave Therapy[0] and mail me afterwards.

I've never heard back.

[0] Last paragraph, http://diswww.mit.edu/bloom-picayune/crypto/14238

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