Clearly, more people need to know about "Gutmann Soundwave Therapy".

Ivan Krstić <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> [...] but nowadays I ask that they Google the famous Gutmann Sound
> Wave Therapy[0] and mail me afterwards.
> I've never heard back.
> [0] Last paragraph,

As it turns out, the central image of Peter's post was popularized

However, Peter clearly said this first in a security context, and I
hope that the term "Gutmann Soundwave Therapy" spreads widely within
our field as a way of ridiculing the desire to invent your own crypto
algorithms and protocols. When it gets to the point where salesmen are
vaguely aware of the phrase and fear it, we will know we have done our
job successfully.


[* see for its
use in a different context. (Hat tip to Ekr and indirectly to Need to
Know: )]
Perry E. Metzger                [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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