Crawford Nathan-HMGT87 wrote:
Why require contactless in the first place?

Is swiping one's card, credit-card style too difficult for the average

As compared to slapping your wallet on the reader? yes.

I swipe my Visa / debit / Tim Horton's cards regularly. With the plethora of bad reader technology out there, no matter how practiced I am it sometimes takes 2-3 tries to get a good read. Heck, sales clerks who swipe hundreds of times per day sometimes have trouble. And that's with a relatively easy to read magnetic stripe...

GO Transit here in Toronto ran a pilot program with contactless stored-value fare cards several years ago, which worked quite well; I'm sure technology details are available via Google. Alas, the project got squashed by a political movement for a Greater Toronto Area fare card project (which still hasn't gone anywhere 5-6 years later...).


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