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> Not to defend the designers in any way or fashion, but I'd like to  
> ask, How much security can you put into a plastic card, the size of
> a credit card, that has to perform its function in a secure manner,
> all in under 2 seconds (in under 1 second in parts of Asia)? And it
> has to do this while receiving its power via the electromagnetic
> field being generated by the reader.

Hmm, how about Triple-DES for starters? :-) There are cards using 3DES
(called Mifare DESfire) available from the same manufacturer (NXP) as
the Mifare Classic cards with the proprietary algorithm that we looked
at. Apparently the main difference is that DESfire cards cost 1.50 EUR
per piece while Classic cards are at 0.50 EUR per piece. Other public
transport systems, such as Madrid, did the sensible thing and chose

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