StealthMonger wrote:
> They can't be as "anonymous as cash" if the party
> being dealt with can be identified.  And the party can
> be identified if the transaction is "online,
> real-time".  Even if other clues are erased, there's
> still traffic analysis in this case.
> What the offline paradigm has going for it is the
> possibility of true, untraceable anonymity through the
> use of anonymizing remailers and related technologies.

A ripple payment protocol could in practice much
resemble an onion protocol.  Someone trying to trace a
ripple payment might find that the first level is some
highly cooperative bank, and the next level is someone
in the Carribean who will cooperate only if offered a
suitable inducement, and upon a suitable inducement
being applied, reveals that the next level is ....

I suspect, however, that ripple is apt to be a violation
of the money laundering laws, with ripple intermediaries
being defined as straw men or smurfs.

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