>Are there any options that don't involve adding a new root CA?

Assuming your sites all use subdomains of your company domain,
a wildcard cert for *.whatever might do the trick.  It's relatively
expensive, but you can use the same cert in all your servers.

>I would think this would be rather common, and I may have heard about
>certs that had authority to sign other certs in some circumstances...

They do exist, Comodo has sold certs signed that way, but I wouldn't
recommend it since the depth of chaining the browsers recognize varies
considerably.  My copy of Firefox doesn't accept many of Microsoft's
certs because the chaining is too deep.

Another possibility is just to pay to have your certs signed by one of
the public signers.  At the current going rate of $15, you can get a
lot of signatures for the cost of doing anything else.


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