On Mar 17, 2008, at 10:06 AM, Leichter, Jerry wrote:

| >> So at the company I work for, most of the internal systems have
| >> expired SSL certs, or self-signed certs.  Obviously this is bad.
| >
| >You only think this is bad because you believe CAs add some value.
| Presumably the value they add is that they keep browsers from popping
| up scary warning messages....
Apple's Mail.app checks certs on SSL-based mail server connections.
It has the good - but also bad - feature that it *always* asks for
user approval if it gets a cert it doesn't like.

Fixed in Leopard. Certificate handling in general appears to be better -- although I can't be sure Tiger didn't let you fiddle with fine-grained entitlements as to when to trust a cert.


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