This is fairly interesting: AFAIK the first generalization of predicate encryption to support disjunctions. I find the result mostly interesting mathematically, since I expect we won't be seeing predicate encryption in widespread use anytime soon due to complexity and regulatory concerns. --IK

"Predicate Encryption Supporting Disjunctions, Polynomial Equations, and Inner Products"
Jonathan Katz and Amit Sahai and Brent Waters

Preprint: <>

Abstract: Predicate encryption is a new paradigm generalizing, among other things, identity-based encryption. In a predicate encryption scheme, secret keys correspond to predicates and ciphertexts are associated with attributes; the secret key SK_f corresponding to the predicate f can be used to decrypt a ciphertext associated with attribute I if and only if f(I)=1. Constructions of such schemes are currently known for relatively few classes of predicates. We construct such a scheme for predicates corresponding to the evaluation of inner products over N (for some large integer N). This, in turn, enables constructions in which predicates correspond to the evaluation of disjunctions, polynomials, CNF/DNF formulae, or threshold predicates (among others). Besides serving as what we feel is a significant step forward in the theory of predicate encryption, our results lead to a number of applications that are interesting in their own right.

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