>        Edwards said the Seagate hard drive -- which was
>        about eight years old in 2003 -- featured much
>        greater fault tolerance and durability than current
>        hard drives of similar capacity.

I am not so sure about this statement. The newer drives are far more
ruggedized and superior in constuction. For e.g. the newer EE25 are
designed to "operate" @
1) Operating temperatures of –30°C to 85°C
2) Operating altitudes from –1000 feet to 16,400 feet
3) Operating vibration up to 2.0 Gs
4) Long-duration (11 ms) shock capability of 150 Gs

where as the older ST9385AG:
1) Operating temperatures of 5° to 55°C (41° to 131°F)
2) Operating altitudes from –1,000 ft to 10,000 ft (–300 m to 3,000 m)
3) Operating vibration up to 0.5 Gs
4) shock capability of 100 Gs



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