>>>>> "IanG" == IanG  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

IanG> I've often thought that if we had an open source hardware design
IanG> of a USB random number generator

It should be doable as just a RNG device for a BOM of a few tens of USD.

There are at least of couple of SoCs on the market which advertise USB
client hw and at least some onboard crypto.  Put one of those in a key-
sized container with just enough glue for an A plug and the hw is done.

The software should be easy enough.  Linux's gadget driver can claim to
be pretty much anything -- serial, storage, ethernet.  I presume the
various BSD's can do so as well.  So the software end should be easy.

Are there any HW engineers here who can flesh out the above into a
gerber file or similar?

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