On Sat, 25 Oct 2008, John Denker wrote:

On 10/25/2008 04:40 AM, IanG gave us some additional information.

Even so, it appears there is still some uncertainty as to
interpretation, i.e. some uncertainty as to the requirements
and objectives.

I hereby propose a new scenario.  It is detailed enough to
be amenable to formal analysis.  The hope is that it will
satisfy the requirements and objectives ... or at least
promote a more precise discussion thereof.

We start with a group comprising N members (machines or
persons).  Each of them, on demand, puts out a 160 bit
word, called a "member" word.  We wish to combine these
to form a single word, the "group" word, also 160 bits
in length.


If you are interested in something with a formal analysis, you should check out work on (single-source or multiple-source) extractors.

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