[Sorry for ummm spamming John, my third attempt to send mail to the
whole list, caused by vanity email domains not playing well with fascist
majordomo settings - agc]

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 07:55:50PM -0000, John Levine wrote:
> The ASRG is still eager to hear from people who want to do just about
> anything related to spam other than hash over known-ineffective old
> ideas. See http://wiki.asrg.sp.am. 

One idea I have not seen mentioned here (and which I have not yet
encountered in RL, but only weird people send me email these days) is
for the sending MTA to use pgp to encrypt mail using the recipient's
public key, available on one of the key servers near you.

Leaving out everyone's discomfort with their least favourite privacy
software, the sending MTA would then have significant work to do in
order to convince the receiving MTA to accept the mail.  Mailing list
managers would have to do non-trivial amounts of work when exploding
to various list members, admittedly; but we now have a use for all the 
computing horsepower that is coming down the line.

But all in all, the onus would be back on sending MTA to do
non-trivial work to convey stuff to my email address.


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