>One idea I have not seen mentioned here (and which I have not yet
>encountered in RL, but only weird people send me email these days) is
>for the sending MTA to use pgp to encrypt mail using the recipient's
>public key, available on one of the key servers near you.

I don't understand what problem this is intended to solve.  Bad guys
can look up PGP keys just like good guys, so all this would accomplish
would be to fill your inbox with signed spam.

Perhaps it would be useful to make a section of the ASRG wiki in which
we describe the difference between the spam problem and the other
problems that people confuse with the spam problem, such as the
introduction problem and (more familiar to cryptographers) the
authentication problem, the interception problem, the non-repudiation
problem, and doubtless others that I can't think of just now.


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