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> Hi Peter,
>>>Apart from the obvious fact that if the TPM is good for DRM then it is also
>>>good for protecting servers and the data on them,
>> In which way, and for what sorts of "protection"?  And I mean that as a
>> serious inquiry, not just a "Did you spill my pint?" question.  At the moment
>> the sole significant use of TPMs is Bitlocker, which uses it as little more
>> than a PIN-protected USB memory key and even then functions just as well
>> without it.  To take a really simple usage case, how would you:
>> - Generate a public/private key pair and use it to sign email (PGP, S/MIME,
>>  take your pick)?
>  I had this working using openCryptoki, the trousers TSS and Mozilla
> Thunderbird on openSUSE Linux.  If the setup instructions aren't in
> the various readmes of those projects I can help you set it up if
> you'd like.
>> - As above, but send the public portion of the key to someone and use the
>>  private portion to decrypt incoming email?
>  A simple PKCS#11 app to extract the public key is all that's needed
> with the above tools.
>> (for extra points, prove that it's workable by implementing it using an 
>> actual
>> TPM to send and receive email with it, which given the hit-and-miss
>  Done. :-)  Last time I tested this it worked fine...  Circa 
> 2006..---------------------------------------------------------------------
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