Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
No, no there's not.  In fact, I solicited information here about crypto
accellerators with onboard persistent key memory ("secure key storage")
about two years ago and got basically no responses except pointers to
the same old, discontinued or obsolete products I was trying to replace.

I wouldn't normally play marketeer but since you asked did you look at this product ? Either way I'd be interested in your view on it.

Please ignore the "sslaccel" in the URL this card doesn't know anything about SSL it is a pure Crypto accelerator and keystore with a FIPS 140-2 @ Level certification. Support on Solaris, OpenSolaris, RHEL 5 and SuSE 10.

It has the ability to have centralised key management and shared keystores (within and across machines).

It even has Eliptic Curve support available.

Darren J Moffat

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