I recommend Poly1305 by DJB or VMAC by Ted Krovetz and Wei Dai. Both are much faster than HMAC and have security proven in terms of an underlying block cipher.

VMAC is implemented in the nice Crypto++ library by Wei Dai, Poly1305 is implemented by DJB and is also in the new nacl library by DJB.


Says that VMAC(AES)-64 takes 0.6 cycles per byte (although watch out for that 3971 cycles to set up key and IV), compared to HMAC-SHA1 taking 11.2 cycles per byte (after 1218 cycles to set up key and IV).

If you do any measurement comparing Poly1305 to VMAC, please report your measurement, at least to me privately if not to the list. I can use that sort of feedback to contribute improvements to the Crypto++ library. Thanks!


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