>What on earth happened?  Was there a change in banking regulations in
>the last few months?

No, but we know that banks move in herds, and they mostly talk to each
other, not anyone with outside expertise.

More likely someone noticed that computers are a lot faster than they
were a decade ago, you can do all the crypto you want and your 8 core
3 GNz servers are still I/O bound, so the traditional folklore that
SSL is so slow you use it only where absolutely mandatory no longer
applies and you might as well use SSL on everything.  Then he went to
a meeting and told all his friends.

I've been noticing something similar at abuse.net, a service I run
where people can publish their domains' abuse contacts.  The folklore
in small credit unions is that you're supposed to hide your domain's
registration details using a proxy service, I think due to a
misreading of an old letter from the NCUA.  Earlier this year someone
at a meeting must have told them that it would be a good idea to
register with abuse.net, so I've been getting a stream of attempted
registrations from small credit unions with proxy registration, which
I reject.  About half of them get the hint, turn off the proxy, and
try again, the other half give up.


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