> What on earth happened?  Was there a change in banking regulations in the last
> few months?

Possibly it's related to PCI DSS and other work that BITS has been doing. Also, 
if one major player cleans up their act and sings about how cool they are, then 
that can cause the ice to break.

Another possibility is that a number of people in financials have been able to 
get security funding despite the banking disasters because the risk managers 
know that the last thing they need is a security brouhaha while they are 
partially owned by government and thus voters.

I bet on synergies between both.

If I were a CSO at a bank, I might encourage a colleague to make a presentation 
about how their security cleanups position them to get an advantage at getting 
out from under the thumb of the feds over their competitors. Then I would make 
sure the finance guys got a leaked copy.


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