Peter Gutmann wrote:
"Perry E. Metzger" <> forwards:

"Authorities investigating the 2008 crash of Spanair flight 5022
have discovered a central computer system used to monitor technical
problems in the aircraft was infected with malware...."

Sigh, yet another attempt to use the "dog ate my homework" of computer
problems, if their fly-by-wire was Windows XP then they had bigger things to
worry about than malware.

FYI, avionics firmware/software is subject to RTCA DO-178b certification and fly-by-wire will inevitably require a "level A" certification which is quite demanding (i mean *QUITE*DEMANDING*) for software development process certification. There is no chance that an XP-based application/system would ever meet even the lower certification levels (but for the lowest one which corresponds to passenger entertainment systems).

Commercial avionics certification looks like the most demanding among industrial sectors requiring software certification (public transportation, high energy incl. nuclear, medical devices, government IT security in some countries, electronic payments, lottery and casino systems).

- Thierry Moreau

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