0) Many of you were asking me about the mailing list quite
regularly. My apologies to everyone for how long it took me to get
enough free time to get things going again.

1) We are now running on Mailman instead of on the long obsolete
Majordomo. This gives us both online archives and the ability for
other people to take over for me when I'm too busy (see 3 and 4,

2) As list was dead for a large fraction of a year, if you don't want
to be on it any more, click on the link at the bottom and

3) I'm expecting my time will continue to be limited, a side effect of
being a doctoral student. To make sure the list does not fall silent
again, I'll be announcing at least one (and hopefully more)
co-moderators shortly, who will take over for me when I'm too busy.

4) We now have archives back to early 2001 online. They may be a bit
mangled -- let me know if you catch any problems. Also, if you have
archives dating back before that, let me know -- I'd like to slurp
them in.

5) For years, I've considered splitting the list into a technical
cryptography only list and a list that discusses the wider range of
security and security related politics. This would allow people
interested only in cryptography qua cryptography to get an even lower
noise environment -- let me know if you have an opinion on the topic.

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