On Mon, 8 Aug 2011 03:31:00 +0200 "R. Hirschfeld" <r...@unipay.nl>
> > 4) We now have archives back to early 2001 online. They may be a
> > bit mangled -- let me know if you catch any problems. Also, if
> > you have archives dating back before that, let me know -- I'd
> > like to slurp them in.
> I joined the list in mid-1999 and have messages dating back to then,
> which I can send to you if you want.  They're in babyl format, which
> might be a bit of a pain for you to deal with, but you can use emacs
> rmail-output to write them out to your system inbox format, or I can
> do that before sending them, to unix mbox format.

If you had the stuff in mbox format it would be great -- that's what
Mailman slurps in for old archives. Is it a complete archive though?

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