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Even without the recent uproar over email privacy, at some point, someone was
going to come up with a product along the following lines:  Buy a cheap,
preconfigured box with an absurd amount of space (relative to the "huge" amounts
of space, like 10GB, the current services give you); then sign up for a service
that provides your MX record and on-line, encrypted backup space for a small
monthly fee.  (Presumably free services to do the same would also appear,
perhaps from some of the dynamic DNS providers.)

Just what the world needs, more free email sending provision!  sigh

Right. One of the problems with email (as pointed out in OP's original post) is that it is free to send *and* it can be sent to everyone. The combination of these two assumptions/requirements is essential for spam.

Chat systems have pretty much killed spam by making it non-possible to send to everyone. You need an introduction/invite/process/barrier, first.

This has worked pretty well.  Maybe the writing is on the wall?

Maybe we just need to let email die?

We can move email over to the 'IM technology' layer. We can retain the email metaphor by simply adding it to chat clients, and by adding IM technology to existing email clients. Both clients can allow us to write emails and send them, over their known IM channels to known contacts.

Why do we need the 1980s assumption of being able to send freely to everyone, anyway?


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