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> DWave has never unambiguously shown their machine actually is a
> quantum computer

There was some controversy about that a few months ago. In the end, my
understanding is it netted out that it *is* a real (albeit limited) quantum


> and even if it is, given its design it very specifically cannot run Shor's
> algorithm or anything like it.

Sure, I never said it could ;) I also said that conventional computers can
still outpace it. I'm certainly NOT saying, that in their present capacity,
that DWave computers are any sort of threat to modern cryptography.

But still, it goes to show that quantum computers are happening. Now it's
just a question of whether a large computer capable of running Shor's
algorithm is actually on the horizon, or if it falls into a category like
nuclear fusion where work on it drags on indefinitely.

Tony Arcieri
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