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We are not at war with Iran.

We are not exactly at peace with Iran either, but that is irrelevant, for presumably it was a Jew that did it, and Iran is at war with Jews.
(And they are none too keen on Christians, Bahais, or Zoroastrians either)

I am aware that there are people who would
like to start a war with Iran, the same ones who wanted to start the war
with Iraq which caused a half million deaths but no war crimes trials to

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. You can reasonably argue that we should not get involved in Israel's problems, but you should not complain about Israel getting involved in Israel's problems.

Iran used to have a democracy

Had a democracy where if you opposed Mohammad Mosaddegh you got murdered by Islamists.

Which, of course differs only in degree from our democracy, where (to get back to some slight relevance to cryptography) Ladar Levison gets put out of business for defending the fourth Amendment, and Pax gets put on a government blacklist that requires him to be fired and prohibits his business from being funded for tweeting disapproval of affirmative action for women in tech.

And similarly, if Hitler's Germany was supposedly not a democracy, why then was Roosevelt's America supposedly a democracy?

I oppose democracy because it typically results from, and leads to, government efforts to control the thoughts of the people. There is not a large difference between our government requiring Pax to be fired, and Mohammad Mosaddegh murdering Haj-Ali Razmara. Democracy also frequently results in large scale population replacement and ethnic cleansing, as for example Detroit and the Ivory Coast, as more expensive voters get laid off and cheaper voters get imported.

Mohammed Moasddegh loved democracy because he was successful and effective in murdering his opponents, and the Shah was unwilling or unable to murder the Shah's opponents.

And our government loves democracy because it can blacklist Pax and destroy Levison.

If you want murder and blacklists, population replacement and ethnic cleansing, support democracy. If you don't want murder and blacklists, should have supported the Shah.
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